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Despite  the increasing salience of health care, Dental care is still not a matter of immediate concern for most people. The fact is dental health is critical to overall well being and it is to provide the International standard professional dental care that the AV’s Happydent Dental & Orthodontic Centre was set up.

The Hospital is headed by Dr.Anirudh Kumar Mathur. He is an Orthodontist who specialized in correction of irregularly placed teeth & smile designing, Out of his love and passion for teaching he is working as a faculty in a leading Dental College. He has a dedicated team of specialists of various faculties working with him who strive to give the best. Thus giving interdisciplinary treatment a whole new meaning.
Wi-Fi Hotspot
Our patients (overseas and domestic) and visitors can now work away from work and/or be connected to family and friends at all times using their wi-fi enabled devices.
We now provide FREE broadband Wi-Fi internet access at browsing speeds up to 256 kbps using Wi-Fi Router connection.
This facility is available to the staff and the patients of our AV’s Dental Hospital.
Please request for logging information to avail this FREE facility.

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