About Us

Practice Philosophy:

  • Our Goal is to “Preserve your natural tooth for life and maintain your overall oral health at the highest level by working together.”
  • We at AV’s Happydent believe that if eyes are the wndows of the soul,the smile is window of the heart and this is done in a caring & friendly atmosphere which is enriching to both patients and doctors.
  • Our Aim is to help our patients obtain the very best in dental care that will improve their quality of life.
  • Our practice was started keeping in mind that, “providing superior dental care is just the beginning of a patient relationship.”
  • Preventive and minimal dentistry remains the basis for service and care in our practice.

Mission Statement:

  • To care about the well being of our patients
  • To focus on life changing Dentistry
  • To strive to be best for our patients
  • We believe in creating  happy smiles
  • Nothing is too good for our patients
  • We are unique and don’t mind being different
  • We are customer service oriented  and we want to find away to make every patient comfortable

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